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Dr. Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts
Dr. Randy Roberts is senior pastor at Loma Linda University Church.  Born to missionary parents, Pastor Randy Roberts spent most of his youth in Latin American countries.  He envisions a church that is in love with its Lord, engaged in His Word, clear in its focus, and intentional about its work.


Larry Moore

Elder Larry Moore graduated from Southwestern Adventist University and Andrews University.  He is married to Jeannie Moore, a nurse, and has two married daughters.  He pastored churches in the Arkansas-Louisiana, Arizona and Texas Conferences and is currently the President of the Southwestern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.



Pastor Renee Stepp

Featured Speakers, Second Weekend

John Moyer

Elder John Moyer is the President of the Oklahoma Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He likes to visit with people and make Jesus real. With his wife Donna he has 5 biological children, 6 adopted children, and 14 foster children whom they have cared for over the years. 

2nd Sabbath - 7pm


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The Kings Heralds Quartet

The internationally acclaimed KING'S HERALDS quartet brings to the stage an eighty-seven year heritage in gospel music. Founded in Keene, Texas in 1927 by four young college students, the group has come to be recognized world-wide for their blend and musical expertise.  Current members of the quartet are Don Scroggs, First Tenor; Jared Otto, Second Tenor; Russell Hospedales, Baritone and Jeff Pearles, Bass.

The KING'S HERALDS perform in a variety of musical styles, making them a favorite with audiences of all ages. Their rich blend, harmony and balance as interpreted through their well-know a’capella singing creates a rich musical experience.  

Thirty-one men have been a part of the KING'S HERALDS quartet since its foundation in 1927.  They have recorded in 30 languages, on over 100 albums and toured over fifty countries. Their music is treasured by people all over the world, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea, to the steppes of Russia, to Santiago in Chile.